Nylon Duty Belt Combo with Mini Flashlight

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Nylon Duty Belt Combo with Mini Flashlight

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Nylon Duty Belt Combo With Mini Flashlight

Made from durable nylon, the Duty Belt Combo is an essential starter kit for any officer. It comes with the belt, 3W 1 LED Flashlight and its respective holder, set of 4 keepers, stainless steel handcuffs and its holder, pepper spray and its holder, and batteries.


  • Duty-belt and belt buckle.
  • 10W Led Flashlight - Extremely Bright
  • Flashlight Holder-N-20.
  • Set of 4 Keepers.
  • Stainless Steel Handcuffs.
  • Handcuff Holder.
  • FC3 Pepper Spray.
  • Pepper Spray Holder
  • Batteries included